Monday, December 29, 2008

Madi Has a Blog!

Please send me your e-mail or leave it on my blog and we'll invite ya!

He's Making a List and Checking it Twice...


We had a perfect Christmas. The kids woke up around 7:30. Grandma and Grandpa Tolman came over soon after. It was so fun to watch the kids and listen to then shout out what Santa brought. We could see Owen really understand what was going on. I love Christmas Day!

For breakfast Julie made a yummy egg casserole and potatoes. On the side we had purple seedless grapes. It was great! Ty made his famous Orange Julius that we all love and look forward too. After breakfast we played and took naps. At 5:00 we had dinner at Sue's. We played more with family and opened more gifts.

I love being with family! I love to carry on traditions and create new ones. I'm grateful for this time of year and only wish it could last a little longer. It really just goes by so fast. I'm grateful for the little conversation we had as a family over breakfast as we were reminded of what the true meaning of Christmas is all about.

Twas' The Night Before Christmas...

I love Christmas Eve! Ty's family came over for dinner. Thanks to Julie it was deLicIOUS! It's our families tradition to have Trifle for dessert. Ty's Aunt Sue makes it every year and it too was delicious! It has always been fun for the kids to open the present with their Christmas jammies inside. It almost makes it more real for them....Santa is on his way!
Jacob was sick with the flu on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday after he threw up, he started to feel a lot better. We kept him upstairs and had him watch movie after movie while everyone was here. Poor kid had dinner by himself. I did check on him.
Earlier that day we baked brownies for Santa. After they cooled we cut them into a Christmas Tree and a Ginger Man. Of course we left a cold glass of milk next to his plate too. I let Owen decide what to give the Reindeer. At first he wanted to give them some carrots. Clever. Then he changed his mind and said "the deers get an apple!" And so we left an apple on the porch for Rudolph!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Sunday

Today for our wards Christmas Program, Madi sang the song He Sent His Son with the children's ward choir and after that, Ty spoke on Christ as a Priesthood Leader. They did a wonderful job and I'm very proud of them.

Merry Christmas from the Tolman Family!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

Last night we decided it would be a perfect night to make these sweet looking Gingerbread houses (see below). The kids had a great time. However, I was not as prepared as I thought I was and had nothing to prop the graham crackers up on. I remember using milk cartons as a kid. Anyway, after searching the pantry, I came across some clear plastic cups. They worked but next year....I'm collecting milk cartons or any other carton for that matter. So try not to look too close!

While the kids were at the table creating, Ty and I played a little Guitar Hero. It's just a little addicting...just a little!
This is Owen's Gingerbread house. He refused to sit next to it while I take a picture. Good Job Owie!
Good Job Madi!
Good Job Jacob!
Kenzie and Sophia stopped by to say hi and wanted to show off their beautiful dress attire. Who needs shoes and a jacket when all you have to do is layer up and then run around really FAST! Thanks for the laugh girls!

Monday, December 15, 2008

What is Madi Thinking About...

I asked Madi how she feels when she is up on stage and dancing in front of so many people. She told me that she feels fine and likes it. When she said that she kind of laughed. I asked her what was so funny and she says this. "I just pretend that everyone is only wearing their underwear and holding teddy bears."
Ok, that is funny!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Fun Weekend...

We decided to start the weekend out right by going to the Zoo to see the "Zoo Lights" on Friday night. Before going there, we stopped at Red Butte Cafe for dinner. Seriously delish food! Everyone must try their taco's. The Zoo was a blast! It was pretty chilly, but worth every minute of it. The kids loved every part of it. I think we started a new tradition! We did'nt have a camera at the time, so no pictures, dang it!

On Saturday morning I took Madi to her dance pratice. Her time frame was 8:30 a.m.-10:30a.m. We were (finally) home by 11:00. Urrrrr! We spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy and playing in the snow (see slide show above). I'm a complete blog dork and have no idea how to "post" a slide show. I know I'll figure it out soon enough. My favorite picture is when Ty has the snowball and Jacob is running away from him!

Ty was super sweet and did some Christmas shopping for the kids and ME on Saturday afternoon. He gave me an early Christmas/Birthday present. Usually that would bite, but because it was a new camera, that made it ok....this time! ;) With Madi's dance recital that night, he new how much I needed it. Thanks a bunch Ty and kids. I love my present! This picture was the 1st picture taken on my camera!
What a fun and full weekend. Next on our list is Temple Square!

"A Dancer's Winter Wonderland"

Madi had her Christmas Dance performance last night. Her group danced to "Santa's Doing the Mambo." She did a great job. I love to watch her dance!
Madi was feeling a little tired after all the dancing. This picture was taken after her 1st show. She had one more to go. Good Job D!
I loVe this picture of her. Such a sweet girl!

Madi with her friends, Jayde, Erika and Abbi. There were 13 girls total in her dance group.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

After.....a delicious feast, scrumptious pie, cookie decorating, kids dance party, craft, gift exchange, great conversations, laughing, more conversations, more laughing, more feast, another piece of pie....I can honestly say we had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Miss Madi
Dubbers...decorating his cookie

Last Saturday I took the kids to Gardener Village to have their picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Clause. The picture turned out so cute. I love it! On the way there, Madi was reciting to me what she was going to ask from Santa. Jacob was so nervous, and I could tell he really did'nt want to be. He eventually warmed up and told Santa what he wanted for Christmas. Owen cried and wanted nothing to do with the event. After a bribe from Grandma, he was over it and smiled for the camera. (little fart!) It was really cute watching him tell Santa ALL the things he wants for Christmas. For only being 3, he sure has it figured out.

This picture was taken after they had their picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Clause! I love my kids!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Perfect Season....12-0

Tonights score was Utah 48 and BYU 24! GO UTES!!!!! I think pictures will be coming....:/!

Twilight Prom Night

Here we have Me, Brenda, Amelia, Aria and Becky walking the red carpet to the 1st Midnight showing. Aria reserved/purchased tickets for us. What a peach! After we took this picture I went over to have my hair done. What girl goes to prom and does'nt get an updo? Oh, I know....Brenda and Becky.
V.I.P. get to wear these. This bought us dinner and drinks. They had a red chocolate fountain to dip marshmellows was kind of a yum!
This is us waiting anxiously for the movie to start. Good gravy, we have kids to wake up for school in 7 hours....let's get this started!
Twilight was a fun book to read. I did like the book ALOT more than the movie. Even with all the exoctic sound effects from the teen bopping boppers around us, it was a great movie to watch! Thanks again ladies for another fun girly night!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby Lotion!

Johnson's Baby Lotion and I have been pretty tight for the past 8 years of my life. I rarely have an empty bottle laying around before a new one is purchased. I love the scent and I love how smooth it is when applied! I do have Madi use other lotions as well, but nothing beats that sweet scent on her face. Jacob could really care less about it. He is sounding words out, so before I know it he'll be able to read "baby" and I'm pretty sure he'll freak out on me if I tried to put it on him. Owen thinks it's tasty! You read that right. The other night after his bath I was rubbing it on him and he asks me "what's that smell?" Before I could answer him, he starts licking both of his shoulders and says "Mmmm, that's yummy!" I do agree....but really?

So with that said.....I'm retiring from the BEST scent in the world! Oh my heart!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holy Moly Owie Bowie!!!!!!

I'm in the kitchen sitting at the bar stool making Thank You cards and I see out of the corner of my eye (I really use those corners of my eye) Owen with the peanut butter container. I really had NO idea he would go this far. Really! In a matter of just minutes I turn around and see this. I yell "holy crap, nugget!" and he just gives me the "excuse me, but you just interrupted me" look. I've learned that after having 3 just have to laugh (a little) at moments like these. Owen had nothing to say. He was perfetly content with this made up activity of his.

After I gave him a bath and was rocking him, I asked him why he made such a mess. In his defense he says, "not a mess. I made a elephant."

Well there you have it!

Oh' the JoY of my little bOy!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm in Love...

with this MAN! Ty is my very best friend. I love you! I love you!
Aspen, beautiful!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


*On our way to the airport to drop Ty off, Owen says "is that the air pork?"

*While eating dinner the other night, Jacob just out of the blue asks, "Who is running our country?"

*A couple of weeks ago, Julie and I were at Costco with my boys looking at pictures and having them developed. So we are standing there just trying to decide which pictures we want by looking at the screen, and at the corner of my eye I can see a hand about to touch the little device where you put your disk in to have your pictures pop up. Ya, so I slap the hand thinking it's one of my boys hands......oh no, it was some ladys! Not embarrassing AT ALL! I quickly apologized and told her of my Motherly Reflects. If I see a curious or naughty hand...I slap it!

*And there was a comment from Jacob in the Costco cart that only the lucky ones get to hear! WoW!

Thanks always make me smile!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Price is Right...

* Diesel Fuel: $2.99
* Rhodes Bread with dinner tonight: FREE
***hApPy kids and a husband flying home TONIGHT!!!....priceless!

Such a great day!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grandma Tolman's Birthday!

On Saturday we went to Fat Cats to celebrate Ty's moms Birthday. We had pizza and delish breadsticks! After that we bowled. My camera is not working, so there's no pictures from me. Lindsey and I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and the only thing she could really think of was Fat Cats. She wanted to celebrate HER birthday by watching her grandkids bowl and play together. Next year we need to have Cam, Meg, J, Brayden and Molly here...her eyes woud just twinkle! On Sunday, after dropping Ty off at the airport, the kids and I went over to her house to have pie with the family. We love Punkin' Pie!

Julie is an amazing Grandma! My kids adore her and she adores them. ALL kids love Julie because they can sense her sweet Spirit. She is very patience and kind. She loves to help out in anyway possible. My favorite is when she gets upset and makes a threat....while she's smiling or laughing! She just loves to love. Contention does not run in her blood. Thanks for being so wonderful. You're the BEST. We hope you had a HAPPY HAPPy BirTHdaY! WE LOVE YOU!!! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Yes, he did it AGAIN! This time he stuck an M&M up his left nostril. The first time it was a pea. We blew into his mouth and it shot right out after the second attempt. The second time, he tried but failed with the raisens. Seriously weird and sick all at the same time. So this time, I'm in the kitchen and I hear him make a fuss noise. Madi and I run to him and find him pointing to his nose. I new. I asked him what it was ( I needed to know what I'm looking at) he tells me. I immediately press on the right nostril and blow in his mouth CPR style. JOY! The first attempt was ok, just a bunch of yellow slime came out. It was the YELLOW one!
A kept trying and trying and while I'm on the phone with a nurse, he gives me the sneeze he sneezes and yellow/chocolatey slime comes out. YUCK! I can tell it's trying to melt it's way out. The nurse (trying not to laugh, I could tell) said it would drain through his throat and nose. I figured that, but there was really not that much chocolate draining out his nose. After a couple of minutes of complete stare at the child, I let him go. Guess what he runs back to? The bag of M&M's. A couple of minutes later he comes walking to me and says, "it's out momma." I look in his mouth and yep, it's out, he finished what was left of it with a little crunch. I know, I know!. But when will he learn? WHEN? WHEN? WHEN?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Friends Forever...

Last night we had a farewell party for the Enloe Family. It was a great turn out. It was fun to see friends. When I first found out that they where moving, I was so upset yet overjoyed for Corey and the family. This IS great for them. GM....WOW, hurray for Cor. We are so proud of you. We know you will be wonderful. This is what you have wanted. Corey deserves this. I have been so busy with things going on with my own family that I had to set aside those bittersweet feelings. After last night the reality has hit me again. We are already planning trips and vacations. Few things will change. It's the small little things that our familiies do together that will be different and that makes me sad. I guess I just have to face the "Fact" that they are moving. Oh my heart hurts. This is the song that seriously popped in my head last night! Funny huh?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Madison's Baptism

Yesterday was a very special day for our family. Madi was baptized. It was perfect in every way. We are so proud of the choice that she made to be baptized. She is a wonderful example to Jacob and Owen. She is a wonderful example to Ty and I as well. I am very grateful for the sweetness of the Spirit that we all felt. We love you.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Parade...Parties...Pumpkin Patch....All in 1 Day!

I let the kids pick out their very own pumpkin and this is what they chose. On Friday we are planning to carve and light them up! Not on fire though!
Jacob LOVES to pull this wagon. He remembered it from last year. Ya, an entire year went by and he still remembered the "blue wagon that you pull!" Owen thought it was a great ride. Such cute brotherly love. Awww!
So big Madi.....I mean you are 8 now!

Maze.....Where Am I going? Where Am I going?

They went through this 3 or 4 times in a row. It was a hit for them.
Can you see the tops of their heads? Fun time!

Fall Festivities...

So here it is October 30th and I finally took my kids to a pumpkin patch. We had a great time there. Notice no sweaters, jackets, gloves, scarfs....such a beautiful day! Owen wanted to put on his "mask face" for most of the pictures. So scary Owie.

I love this picture...LOL!