Thursday, October 30, 2008

Parade...Parties...Pumpkin Patch....All in 1 Day!

I let the kids pick out their very own pumpkin and this is what they chose. On Friday we are planning to carve and light them up! Not on fire though!
Jacob LOVES to pull this wagon. He remembered it from last year. Ya, an entire year went by and he still remembered the "blue wagon that you pull!" Owen thought it was a great ride. Such cute brotherly love. Awww!
So big Madi.....I mean you are 8 now!

Maze.....Where Am I going? Where Am I going?

They went through this 3 or 4 times in a row. It was a hit for them.
Can you see the tops of their heads? Fun time!

Fall Festivities...

So here it is October 30th and I finally took my kids to a pumpkin patch. We had a great time there. Notice no sweaters, jackets, gloves, scarfs....such a beautiful day! Owen wanted to put on his "mask face" for most of the pictures. So scary Owie.

I love this picture...LOL!

Halloween Parties!

I wanted to make sure Owen had just as much fun as Madi and Jacob did. He was able to play a game of Bingo with Madi's class and even enjoyed a fun treat with them! He can now say he partied too!
Madi was the 1st one in her class to win Bingo! Awesome Luck Madi. She had a great time at her class party!

Jacob made this cute bat in class. He wanted NOTHING to do with the other FUN activities. He said he just wanted to go home. Crazy kid!
Jacob's class picture. I think Lifetouch should just send this one out to all the parents.

School Parade

How cute are my ducklings! Madi in her Poodle Skirt. Jacob the Scary Bat! Owen...The Incredible Hulk!
The kids thought is was funny to see their Principal and Secretary dressed as Spooky Witches.
Jacob did not want to walk in the parade. As everyone knows already, he hates it when people look at him and with a big crowd like that, he just starts to get that uncomfortable feeling inside. He sat with me instead. Thanks syhR for making it fun for him!
Jacob was so happy when he first saw his friends all dressed up. He just laughed and had a great time. I love that look on his face when he is happy. Happy! Happy! Happy!....Jacob makes ME Happy!
Madi had a great time during the Parade! I wish she would have slowed down a bit so I could have taken a better picture of her. ;)

Madi's 1st Activities Day!

On Tuesday, Oct. 28, Madi had her very first Activities Day at the church. The girls talked about the importance of saying "Thank You." I just wanted a picture but she did'nt think the idea was so great. Hey, I've got some blogging to smile! She had a great time and has asked me a couple of times when her next activity day will be. That night before bedtime she wanted to read her Faith in God booklet rather than her Junie B Jones book. Cute girl!

Birthday Wishes.....

Madi has wanted the American Girl doll forever and her wish was granted by Grandma Tolman. She loves Ruthie. Such an adorable doll and little girl of course. Julie's friend Bev made these adorable outfits for Ruthie. You really can not see the outfits too well. This was very sweet of Bev to do that for her.
We love Grandma Tolman....she really knows how to make Madi feel special!
After Madi's birthday dinner at Mimi's Cafe we came home to have cake. Madi told Ty and I long before her birthday that she has always wanted to put her face in a cake. Ty and I looked at the cake then at each other (feeling full from dinner) and told her to go at it. It was pretty funny!

Once again, funny!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sweet Sweet Beautiful Madison Ann....Happy Birthday!

I love this angel was born. I know it's a roll of the eyes from others when Mothers reminess on the day their child was born, but I just simply don't care! My labor with her was long and tiring...just like everybody elses. It took alot of pushing. There was alot of praying because I did'nt want to have a C-section and Dr. Hansen thought I would have to have one. I did'nt have to have one. I will never forget when she was finally born at 9:36p.m. and was layed on my stomach...all 9 pounds of her. I remember kissing the very top of her head and just crying. I remember looking over and watching her wiggle her feet around as she was poked and proded by nurses. I would go through every second of those 16 hours again and again. To this day, I still kiss the very top of her head. I love being your mommy Madi! You make me happy all the time. I love you baby girl!

Madi Day!....Madi Day!....This is all I have to say!!

Madi eating her donut!
Madi passing donuts out to her friends in class. This was all she wanted to take as her birthday treat. I was SO ok with that. Yummy Yum Yum!
Madi was sung to by her class. She said she had a great day!
"Today class, is Madison's Birthday!" Oh, I knew I liked Mrs. Winn. She is such a winner to me! Oh, how much I love this girl!
I put the pictures in backwards....whoops! I took this picture of her as she was walking in to class after recess. I like to see happy surprised faces!

Madi and her New Room...

I wanted to surprise Madi with a new look in her room. It is still in the making, but thanks to Brenda and Jamie for helping me and creating ideas....I'm almost done. I love her new bed set.....super duper cute! Madi loved coming in her room after school and seeing it. She told me that she is "jealous of herself." Too funny. Tonight for dinner we are going to Mimi's to celebrate. Obviously feeling a little hungary being that I changed the subject on this post. All the work...I tell ya!
She loves the M pillow I bought her...or W for "Wow" like Brenda said! Cute Madi with her birthday outfit on!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Madi's 8th Birthday Party...High School Musical 3 Style!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE birthday parties! I love to plan and think of fun ways to celebrate. This year with Madi turning 8 I wanted her party to be a little more special. We went back and forth with a few different ideas until Becky called me and told me that she could get me tickets to go see the new High School Musical 3 movie. We were sold on the idea! Madi invited her friends to come over and have pizza and then off to the movie we went. A big THANK YOU to Becky, Amy and Lesa for driving. You ladies are the best! I wish Troy would have been able to attend the party today, but since that did'nt work you go Madi! It's the least I could do! A little love struck I'd say! :)

We had the girls sing to Madi over this pizza. I thought it was a geniues idea being that they would have treats an hour later at the movie.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

What's a High School Musical Party without TROY BOLTON! Seriously! Silly girlies!

Awesome Friends.....Great Memories!

With a water bottle, 3 musketeer, pop rocks, and popcorn.....these girls were set!
Fun for me is when I'm with my Madi. We love to laugh together and act silly. She is my best friend.
Kenzie is so sweet and loving to all little kids. I love to hang out with her. I had a great time wick ya!
Darling darling little girls. If I ever need to take 15 girls somewhere again....these are the girls I want to take. Seriously the best well mannered 8 year olds. Not kidding. Thanks for being so good for me, Amy and Becky. I have to say that they did not make a single squeak during the movie...until... Troy and Gabriella kissed! Ohhh la la! It was funny watching these girls peeking between fingers and giggling while they locked lips. :0 Thanks for the fun! You girls ROCK!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Owie and Grandma!

Yesterday afternoon my boys and I went over to Rhodes to pick out pictures with grandma for Madi's baptism. We ended up just having to go to Costco to do the job. When we were finished there we drove Grandma back to work. She gets out of the car and as we were pulling out of the parking lot Owen said to himself...."I love Grandma." I wanted to hear him say it again because I just thought he sounded to cute when he said it. He said it again and it just melted my heart. He then said...."I love Madi, Jacob, Daddy and Mommy." I love People!" We love you too! He is definetly a Grandma's boy! I love my Owen to pieces! This picture here was taken on his 3rd birthday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not Tagged...But thought this looked Fun!

So my friend Marinda did this tag and it got me thinking about what 4th picture would pop up on my 4th roll. It' fun! This picture was taken when we went to Powell and stayed in a houseboat. Here we have Kenzie, Lexi and Madi holding Jorie. Beautiful girls I tell ya. Such a BLAST...let's please all go again!
I now Tag......Everyone! Show us your 4 and 4!