Friday, July 25, 2008

Famous Luke and Millcreek Canyon

Ty's cousin Luke and Aunt Nancy are visiting from Breckenridge, CO. We are so excited to see them! ALL the kids love Luke and fight over him. Madi follows him wherever he goes and want's to do whatever he wants to do. It's pretty funny and cute. We wish they lived closer!

We celebrated the 24th of July with a delicious picnic in Millcreek Canyon!

Jacob, Owen and Cole...
I asked the boys to put their arms around each other for the picture and either this is HOW THEY THINK IT'S DONE or it's WHAT THEY HAD TIME FOR...not so sure!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Silly Kids...

Madi just wanted me to take a picture of her profile...ok! Jacob was screaming and jumping around (like I don't know what) just because he saw a fish swim by while he was standing on this! Owen found no reason at all why I would'nt just drink 5 gallons of lemonade in 5 minutes and be ok with that just so he could push the button down on the Igloo...seriously!

Madi and Grandma Tolman...
Madi wanted grandma to wear her pretty flower in her pretty! They love each other so much! Nice blink Madi!

My Ducklings...

You get to decide which picture you like the most! In the first picture I love how Jacob has his hand on Madi's neck (that won't happen again!). In the second picture I love that Madi has her head tilted toward Owen (looking like he NEVER bugs her). It's alot of work taking pictures of these little nuggets!

Grandma and Grandpa Rayner

Ty's grandparents are visiting from San Diego. We are all so happy to have them here. They have been married for 66 years!! They have 5 children and ALOT of grandchildren and great grand children. Things we love about them: their amazing War stories, Grandpa's gardening skills (honestly, he's the best!), Grandma's carrot cake (so good), their English accents and the LOVE that they have for their family. We love their hugs and kisses they give us everytime we see them! I'm grateful to be apart of the family they created!

We Scream for Ice Cream!
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the delicious ice cream!
Note to self before taking a picture of the kids:
*Zippers are up
*Hands are off crotches
*Helmets off...when their not riding

**See Older Posts...there's more pict. of the 24th!

My little Sparklers...

Smoky pictures! After a firework went off Owen would demonstrate the sound it funny...and loud! Happy 24th of July!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lagoon 2008
Thank you for a FUN day at Lagoon! We had a blast...good times and great memories!

#1 Brave Girl...
Madi LOVES all the fast, upside down, twirly rides any Amusement Park will offer. She loves the motion and rush you get from a rollercoaster. Madi never feels sick or dizzy. She will literally get off a ride and beg to go on it again. I chew off my nails just watching this. I love how Madi will try new things and enjoys discovering things on her own. You're AWESOME!!!

Thank you Luke for going on Wicked with me at Lagoon!

Madi, Hunter, Luke, Mckayla and Collin Riding the River...

Getting drentched the first time was'nt enough for these kids! They had to go again as soon as they got off the first ride. So fun and refreshing indeed. I love how fun you are make me laugh!

Me and my girl...
We took this picture of ourselves right as we were getting higher and higher on the lift ride that over looks Lagoon (not sure what Lagoon calls it). We hated every second of it! Our palms were sweating and we found ourselves talking about silly things just to help us relax. Dorks...we know!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Fun Day At Wheeler Farm...

My favorite place to be is with my kids.

Our Animal Friends...

Feeding the Ducks...

Madi's Bunnies...

She has named them "Cookie Dough" "Butterscotch" "Grey Grey" and "Whiten." She loves them and is always excited to visit her animal friends. I love you are my sunshine!

Jacob and his Motor Friend...

Jacob could not get on the tractor ride fast enough. I realize they call this the "wagon ride" but for Jacob, oh no it's a "tractor ride." While on the tractor he belted out "the tractors pulling us up a hill!" Jacob just sat quietly and stared at the motor. Hmmmmm!


Owen LOVES to throw rocks in the water. He's constantly looking for rocks and asking me to hold them for him while he is searching for more. If he sees a rock buried in the dirt, he'll pick it out with his little fingers. I love watching how HAPPY Owen is. I LOVE YOU OWEN...YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

Ice-Cream and Barefeet...
my favorite combination on a hot summer day!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My 3 Little Ducklings...

Whoever comments first and says who the ham is in these pictures get's a prize...I promise! Taking pictures of the kids on this day was a delight. Someone had a hard time we know yet who it might be?

Summertime Errands...I'm not sure what the point is of this post...
This picture was taken right as we were headed to the pool. Obviously not going to the grocery store. This is just a small glimpse of what happens behind me as I'm driving. Madi is usually ready for a good tease, Jacob pulls the "what" face with his innocent cheeser and please notice Owen's facial expression. FUN!!! They can be pretty good but heaven forbide one child looks at the other and that mom is going to the drive thru at the bank. I find myself planning my errands/activities around lunch time just so they will munch. Since Madi and Jacob have been in school I obviously forgot what happens in a vehicle full of children...every day and all day. Yikes!!!

Jacob's Tumbling Class...

In the Spring Jacob took a Tumbling class which he just loved. He was so excited about every Thursday at 11:00. He was really cute about asking when it was time to go and wanting to know how many more days until it was tumbling class. Jacob listened well and did a great job with trying new things. You're awesome Jacob.

Jacob's favorites at tumbling class:

*Jumping in the cheese
*George of the Jungle (rope climbing)
*Head Stands
*Being with his best friend Rhys

One quick story:

So at the end of class the kids are allowed to jump in the cheese (foamy cubes) ONE TIME. After they had their turn the kids are suppose to go and sit on the mats and wait for Paul (teacher) who would then blow bubbles for them to pop (one kid at a time) and then let the child choose a sucker (but if you wanted a sucker you had to sit and wait your turn and you had to pop the bubbles).

Well it was probably Jacob's second or third time in the class and when it was time to jump in the cheese Jacob just got so excited he jumped in 5 times. He got caught and his teacher told him to go and get his shoes on and that it was time for him to go home. NO bubbles and NO sucker. He said this to Jacob in front of everyone and I could see how sad Jacob felt...not to mention embarrassed. My mother bear reaction jumped in and I almost yelled out "who cares what the jerk says, I just bought a whole bag of them from Costco, you can have as many as you want when we get home." We get in the car and as I'm driving home I still feel bad for Jacob and I'm totally bugged at his teacher. I'm thinking "Who does this gymnastic nut think he is...he can't yell at my son...let him pop the flippin bubbles...and give the kid a sucker...he's only 5 years old."

So the following Thursday arrives and I was waiting to see if Jacob would be excited to go back to tumbling. Of course he was. He did everything he was suppose to do and when it was time to jump in the cheese...oh my gosh it was so funny. He was running around telling EVERYONE "Only jump in ONE TIME or you will not get to pop the bubbles and get a sucker." He was really funny and cute about it. Some of the other mothers there remembered what had happened the week before and we were just laughing. Jacob never again jumped in more than once.

The lesson I learned:

*Don't make a threat of having more suckers than the teacher...Wow!!!
*Take more time on following through with obviously pays off!!!
*Forgive and Forget the way children do