Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Birthday Boy...

Our sweet son Jacob turned 8 today .... and at 4:08 to be exact. For his birthday he got a new mountain bike, tech decks, $, gift cards, a remote control helicopter and clothes. He was spoiled. :)

Here are a few things about our bOy:

1. He's a huge Ute Fan
2. He loves to ride his bike & dirt bike
3. He loves to play basketball & football
4. He loves to play his Itouch and any other electronic (he's a VERY quick learner and plays beyond amazing)
5. He loves to read. He's a smart boy and does a wonderful job in school
6. He loves to EAT; for his birthday dinner he asked for taco's, spanish rice & corn. Instead of cake he asked for brownies & vanilla ice cream with carmel & chocolate syrup on top. Delish~
7. His favorite colors are: red, white & black (U of U colors, of course)
8. He loves his dog Bruno
9. He loves Madi & Owen very much
10. Jacob is precious. He has great manners and acts respectfully. Jacob was always an easy going, content baby. That is something that hasn't changed with him as he's grown. He is still so content and just hAppY. Jacob has a sweet spirit about him with an adorable face to go with it. We love our baby boy! We are just so proud of our William Jacob!

Jacob will be baptized on April 9, 2011. We are so proud of this righteous choice he is making. :) It's been fun planning his special day!

Lots of pictures to be coming ...


And for the rest of the family ... March was great and then shocking. We lost Ty's aunt Nancy on March 6th. It's been very tough. Nancy was such a kind and loving person. She is very missed. :(

Looking forward to a HAPPIER April ...