Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Fathers Day to you Dad! Thank you for being such a sweet and kind father to me. I am so thankful for all your hard work and devotion to your family. I love you and can't wait to see you in July! Have a great day!

Ty is such a wonderful daddy to Madi, Jacob and Owen! They are so lucky to have him as their father who protects them, teaches them and most importantly loves them with an unconditional heart. If you were to ask Ty what he enjoys doing the most, he would reply "just being with my family." He is always telling us this. We have so much fun with him! The kids love the sound of the garage door going up, because they know their hero, friend and father has come home. I love how they sound when they see each after a long days work. Happy Fathers Day Daddy! We love you so much!

Ok, so maybe this is not the best picture of our family. But what else would you expect when you are at Disneyland, right!?!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary Ty and Me ...

Ok ... I need to make some camera changes here! Ty and I do not have pictures of just us here in my computer. I love our wedding pictures, but am clueless how to get them on here. I wanted to show those off. Anyway, here is a picture of us after 11 years and still going strong ....
Happy Anniversary Ty! I love you so much and am so grateful to have you for my husband. You are my very best friend. I look forward to many, many more years with you! Love you ... xoxo

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Owen Can Ride a Bike ... Without Training Wheels!!

After he crashed he just wanted to give up ...
Anyone who knows Ty, knows that there is NO such thing as giving up ... he was forced to try, try again. I love that you can see Ty grabbing him. What a sad face .... lol!
We threatened to give his bike to our neighbors little boy. When he heard that he just stood up and started walking his bike to his house. He told us he was giving it to Carson. We laughed. It was funna!
After some practice from Ty and I, he finally got the hang of it. One day Ty and I looked out the window and saw Owen and Jacob riding their bikes together. We showed him the way and he figured the rest out all on his own. (He really had no choice because Ty ran over one of his training wheels anyway.) =) Congtrats to you Owie Bowie ... you can ride a bike!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Field Day and the Last Day of School ...

Jacob with some of his friends. He had a fun last day of school. He got out at 10:30 and Madi was out at 12:30. Ty came home around 12:30 and took the boys golfing. Then Madi went to a birthday party/pool party and Jacob went to an end of the year "splash" party! What a fun way to top off the last day of school. We are very glad about the teachers Madi and Jacob have for next year. So far we are off to a good start of our summer vacation! Let the splashing begin ...
For Field Day we have a little carnival type activity for the students. We have games, jump house, snowies, watermelon slices, pop corn and the game where you toss the ball to make a person fall in the water. ?? But the most fun is when the Murray Firefighters come and hose down the students or anyone just standing around. It's a big hit ... the kids look forward to this every year!

This was the only time Owen laughed or seemed happy. He was having a grumpy day! You can just see a little bite of Jacob in the picture.
Madi sliding down with her friends little brother. He looks so happy!
Mr. Grumpy pants wanted nothing to do with the water.
He was drenched ... it was funny to watch.
Jacob was having so much fun! I could not find Madi. =( I wanted a picture of her too.
Anxiously waiting ...

Then this happened ...
and then this craziness happened ...
the ending results ...
The fireman without the yellow jacket is the one who we hold responsible. Madi and Jacob were just dripping wet. They wanted to hurry home to take a hot bath!

It was so FUN!!

McReady's Readers ...

One of Madi's million dreams came true in March. She has wanted to be on this wall forever. There was a moment in my life when I thought about grabbing a picture of her and gluing it to this wall. But never mind those cheating thoughts ... SHE MADE IT UP THERE ALL ON HER OWN!!! I am so happy for you My Miss Madi Girl!

Dr. Appointments ...

On Wednesday the boys had their well child check ups. I can finally start taking them at the same time. Jacob and Owen kept laughing hysterically anytime the Dr. would touch them. They are so silly. Owen then had to get 4 shots ... so that's when the crying began. Jacob was still laughing. Owen's legs were hurting so bad that he missed his tee ball practice. His coach called and asked about him ... weird. He's 4!! His legs are better now. Thank goodness!

US Air Force Week ...

It was pretty cool to watch them fly all around us this day! During the day I left the back door open so Owen could hear them fly over us. When he could hear them flying closer he would jump up and run to the back door to watch.

Jacob's Field Trip to the Zoo ...May 29, 2009

After the assembly for Miss Madi, Owen I drove to the zoo to meet up with Jacob. The parent in charge said they were just flying through the zoo. They barley stopped to look at the animals. They just kind of talked about each animal as they were walking by. They were the first group to be done so we spent a half hour in the playground area before it was time to get on the bus. These boys are so funny! =)
After the zoo his class had a picnic at a park in Sugarhouse. He had so much fun with his friends! It was an "awesome day" as he put it!

School Assembly ... May 29, 2009

Here Madi is receiving her 50 point reading award at school. It was pajama day in class and she new she would be getting this award. This was a very happy day for her! Once again ... I am so proud of her. I love that she loves to read so much. She is such a good reader. Because of this award she was able to go to lunch with her teacher, Mrs. Winn!
What a horrible focus on my camera ... but at least I have something.

Redstone ...

I didn't want to forget these pictures. I love how Rhysie Pants is holding Jacob's hat to help him get on the tire. They both wore their matching sweatshirts the ENTIRE DAY!!
Notice Ty's face in this picture. I recall boys screaming like little girls and Ty laughing hysterically after spinning them so dang fast!

It was funny!

Memorial Weekend 2009 ...

For Memorial weekend we drove to Colorado to hang out with the Enloes (or Enole's like I like to call them!) We had a great time as always ...

I didn't put these pictures in the order of our trip so I will start with this picture of Jor Jor Binkers!! She is such a spazo! So while Ty and Corey took the 4 older kids golfing, Brenda and I ran to Real Deals to shop with Jorie and Owie! They have a kids play area there, so we left the little ones to play and checked on them every 30 minutes! ... j/k, no more like every 2-3 minutes. Anyways, when I went to check on them this is what I saw ...

We have no idea why she took her shirt off and left it hanging on the hook! She is such a goof ball. Between Owen and Jors our hands are full!
Ty and the kids golfing in the Enole's back yard! Not kidding ... the 3 is right behind their house. I just walked over to take this picture of them. They just went up to the 9th hole. We had too many fun things planned so they didn't have time for all 18. Next time.

We drove in late Friday night. So the first thing we did after breakfast on Saturday was go on a bike ride. After that the golfing and shopping began.

The kids waiting anxiously to go on our bike ride ... too cute!
The gang! We rode 8 miles and then stopped for lunch. The kids did great even with some whining and 1 man down!

"When you have to go ... you have to go!"
Our ground hog friend who was probably wondering who the heck just peed on his flat!
Later that night we went to dinner and a movie. The kids loved Night of the Museum II. On Sunday we drove to Redstone and had a picnic. It is so beautiful there. After that we pretty much just hung out and BBQ. We had a great time visiting our great friends! We look forward to many more fun and relaxing weekends with them!

Fit Fun Walk Run ... May 22, 2009!

Madi and Jacob did such a good job running! Madi's face always turns so red when she is hot. She was pouring water all over herself during and after the run!
Jacob ran a mile with his teacher and didn't stop once! Good Job Bubba!!
He was so happy. All he wanted after his race was an ice cream. In this picture he is running up to me and asking me when he can get an ice cream! =)
Ty and Madi ran 3 miles! They did it in 28 minutes .... not bad at all! Good Job!!
I love that this school tradition has become our families tradition. We are already looking forward to next years! It is so much fun and so rewarding for the kids. My goal is to run along with them next year ... =/!