Saturday, May 30, 2009

Owen's Clown Party!

We ate pizza that Grandma Tolman made ...
and then "Flowers" the Clown came ...
She was awesome and had everyone laughing ... including the adults!
I love this picture of Owen. Every time Flowers gave Owen the wand it would brake off. He was being tricked!
Flowers gave Owen some crayons to put in a pot to make candy. Before Owen would drop the crayon in he would scribble in the pan. I think he was a little confused. It was funny!
Well how about that! Owen turned crayons into candy! I think he may have the magic touch ... good job Owie!

Presents! Presents! Presents! What a lucky little guy ...
We sang to my baby and then enjoyed every bite. Yummy Yum Yum!! We love cupcakes ...
We baked and frosted 48 cupcakes! It was fun and delicious ...
Thanks Flowers for coming to my party! It was fun!!
Owen's cute party hat that Flowers made for him. She made all the kids something cool out the balloons. Owen chose a sword ... of course! She also let the kids pick a toy out of her treat bag. That Flowers ...
At first Owen was a little unsure about the clown showing up. He eventually warmed up to her and became excited. I went back and forth with having a clown come to his party in the first place, just because I think some clowns can overdue it with the make up and then look freaky. I just wanted someone cute and fun and of course age appropriate. Anyway, I got lucky ...because Flowers was perfect! She kept their attention, especially Jacob's. He was hilarious. She did such a great job and I highly recommend her.

I think Owen had a perfect 1st time friend party with his friends and family!

I am happy ... =)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Owie's Birthday Continued ...

So for Owen's birthday dinner he chose McDonald's. Grandma and Grandpa Tolman came over for dinner. I love that Owen calls his hamburgers "crabby patties." He's kind of a big fan of Spongebob!
He loved loved loved his birthday cake!
Yummy cake ...
We are all singing to him ... Madi and Jacob scream sing!
Make a wish sweet boy ...
What a cute little boy ...

Grandma Tolman picked him up this afternoon and took him to Toys R Us to shop for his presents. He came home with a bag full of presents. He is one spoiled little man!

Happy Birthday Owen! I'm glad you had a fun day! Now it's time to get ready for your clown party on Saturday ... Yay!!

Look who's 4 today!!

I can't believe 4 years ago today my baby was born! How fast time flies! Owen was born a planned C-section. I had to be at the hospital at 6 a.m. and at 8:15 a.m. this little man came and forever changed our family.

Fun facts about our little boy ...

Owen loves the color white
He likes to eat his food starting in the middle. For example he starts his sandwich with a hole in the middle.
He loves to throw rocks in water and then laugh at the splash
He has ran more than he has EVER walked. Dead serious.
He likes to fart and then blame it on ME! Yes, I have been mortified a few times.
He will snuggle and kiss me (lick me too) any time I ask.
He will ask me to hold him and I love that and I hope it never stops.
He LOVES dirt more than any other outside toy. He likes to put it in his hair especially.
He says the funniest things. He keeps us laughing.
He makes a mess everywhere he goes. He can sit, lay and walk on mess. I kinda think he likes it.
He refuses to help clean up.
I love how he sounds out his words. If he were my first child I would feel nervous.
He is smart
He can do amazing backflips
He likes to flip around a lot
He has the sweetest singing voice.
We love everything about our Owen Byron Tolman. He is delish!!

Owen woke up this morning to see this cool green bike waiting for him. He loved it! The only thing he really asked for for his birthday was a Lightening McQueen car "with no dirt on it." His wish was granted. Madi and Jacob were so cute with him this morning when he rode it for the first time. They wanted to guard him like any big brother and sister should. Later this afternoon Jacob and Owen went on a ride and Jacob let Owie go ahead of him .... (shocked the knickers off me) because he said he "loves him."
We went to Toys R Us to spend some birthday money. They gave him a balloon and crown to wear while he shopped. They also announced his birthday for all to hear. Two strangers acknowledged him and wished him a happy birthday.
For his birthday breakfast we ate french toast.

Happy Birthday baby boy! We love you more than you'll ever know!

More events and pictures of his special day to come ...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Ty!!

I love this man!!
There are so many great things about Ty. The kids and I decided we better just narrow it down to our top 10 favorites!

10) He does everything with his family
9) He is patience with us (especially mom)
8) He teaches us how to ride motorcycles
7) He loves to tickle us. When he tickles us he makes us name 5 fruits before he'll stop
6) He is fun!
5) He is smart
4) He likes to make money for the family
3) He pumps my bike tires
2) He loves to teach us all sorts of things
1) He is amazing!!

You are amazing Ty!! I love you bunches and think you are the most loving and dedicated man. I love how you love us. I love that the kids know they we come first for you. We are so proud of you. We hope you have a Happy Happy Birthday!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

Ty and the kids made me a delicious brunch after church today. I was given flowers, chocolate, a hand painted flower pot with a flower in it from Madi, a card and a hand print of Jacob. Thanks for the Wii Fit too!! I took a nap, watched a movie and didn't have to touch a dish or bathe the ducklings ... well how about that!

But my greatest gift of all is being the Mother of these 3 beautiful children ...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Owen and Mom Date ...

On Friday, Jacob went to a birthday party after school and since Madi was still in school Owie and I decided to head to the farm for a picnic. We love Wheeler Farm!

On Thursday, Friday and Saturdays they offer pony rides. I found out after Owie's ride that these were the same ponies that Madi had for her birthday party when she was 4! It took Owie about 10 seconds to warm up to the pony. While I was taking this picture he was just laughing and loving it!
Owie basking in the sun!!
He chose McDonalds for lunch ...
We fed the ducks ...
Owie pretending to be a "farm puppy!" Ruff! Ruff!
Playing in the tree house ...
Owen and Licorice ...

Owen LOVES to throw rocks in water and listen to it's splash. He is learning how to skip rocks!
Cutest 4 year old boy ever ...
I love this picture of my sweet baby boy ...
Owie likes to try and pick up rocks. He was so nice and moved a big rock out of the way so people wouldn't trip over it. (Not this rock) Owen loves his rocks ...
We saw 2 baby chicks and 1 baby duck ... and many more of our favorite farm animals.

I'm crazy in love with this little boy! Thanks for a fun day Owie Bowie!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Madi's Dance Recital ...

Last night was Miss Madi Girls dance recital. She didn't miss a beat or step while dancing her cute little tush off! I love this girl!

My little Rockin' Robin ...
The theme was American Bandstand. The music was great!
We were in Moab when they had their dance pictures. I promised Madi that I would take a picture of her class ... and here you have it!
This is Madi's element. Center stage. All eyes on her. No talking please!!

You did a great job Madi! (she is the 6th girl back)